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The 2024 Nonprofit Acceleration Report

Discover forward-thinking approaches to boost your nonprofit's impact, drawing on comprehensive research from over 5,000 organizations and proven strategies for accelerating growth in 2024 and beyond.

Acceleration Report 2024

We’ve gathered data from 5208 nonprofit professionals earlier this year and have distilled the most important insights: uncovering what is currently working to increase nonprofit’s growth as well as explore the emerging trends within the nonprofit sector to explore the biggest growth opportunities this year and next.


Ready to propel your nonprofit’s strategy to drive maximum growth in 2024 and beyond? Dive into the report to discover the latest trends in nonprofit digital advancement learned from over 5000+ nonprofits, so you can uncover the forward-thinking strategies proven to accelerate your growth and impact.

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Key Statistics

We surveyed more than 5,000 nonprofit organizations about their approach to digital marketing to get a pulse on where nonprofits are succeeding and growing into digital strategies. All this, all for you.

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5,208 Nonprofit Professionals

The percentage of respondents anticipating a large increase in revenue (15% or higher) more than doubled from 13.64% in 2023 to 28.07% in 2024.

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The percentage of respondents driving more than 40% of revenue online more than doubled from 22.21% in 2023 to 47.19% in 2024.

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“Even though human beings and societies have steadily adapted to change, on average, the rate of technological change is now accelerating so fast that it has risen above the average rate at which most people can absorb all these changes”. 

Thomas Friedman’s summary of Eric “Astro” Teller’s thought in his book, “Thank You For Being Late”