Kickstart Your Campaign By Understanding

Your Community

A common refrain in our sector is that people should “think globally, act locally.” 

Campaign planning is successful when you think about how your unique community may attribute to the success of your engagement.

During this discussion, Tim Sarrantonio from Neon One will explore the concept of utilizing a regional giving trends approach and present groundbreaking research to help understand what may be happening in your own community.

During this free webinar, we will explore:

  • What giving trends are occurring in different regions of the United States
  • The ways an organization can tap into community-centered giving analysis
  • Unique ways to approach your own community’s influence on your appeals

You'll learn how you can acquire and retain more donors within the community you serve through omnichannel engagement. 


Raise More In Your Community

Watch the free webinar on demand to learn how to tailor campaigns to your one-of-a-kind community in order to maximize engagement!

Featured Speaker

Tim Headshot

Tim Sarrantonio

Director of Corporate Brand @ Neon One


Tim Sarrantonio is a team member at Neon One and has more than 10 years of experience working for and volunteering with nonprofits.Tim has raised over $3 million for various causes, engaged and enhanced databases of all sizes, procured multiple successful grants, and formulated engaging communications and fundraising campaigns for several nonprofits. He has presented at international conferences and is a TEDx speaker on technology and philanthropy. He volunteers heavily in his community around Niskayuna, NY.



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