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The Magic Formula For Boosting Your Year-End Fundraising Results

With 31% of donations made in December, the difference between a good year-end fundraising plan a great one can make a huge difference in revenue.

But how do you take your year-end fundraising plan from good to great? 

Join this session, led by Candace Cody, Digital Events Manager and Michael Goodrum, Director of Client Service, about the magic formula the Community Boost team has used with hundreds of nonprofit partners to maximize their year-end fundraising. We’ll be diving into:

  • The tested and proven formula you can use to ensure you maximize your fundraising this year-end.
  • Real examples of how Cancer Research Institute implemented this framework to generate over $1M in donations during year-end 2021.
  • Practical takeaways + a template to help you produce similar results for your nonprofit.

You’ll walk away with the magic formula Community Boost is using to drive millions in donations this year-end.

Candace Cody

Digital Events Manager @ Community Boost

Candace Cody is the Digital Events Manager at Community Boost. Over the last 7+ years, Candace has been dedicated to equipping nonprofits to grow their impact. Today, Candace hosts webinars and virtual events that provide nonprofits with the digital marketing know-how needed to reach their goals and drive growth. This year, Candace has led the effort on The Nonprofit Marketing Summit, which has empowered over 40,000 nonprofit professionals to scale impact.

Michael Goodrum

Director of Client Service @ Community Boost

Michael Goodrum is the Director of Client Service at Community Boost. As one of Community Boost's first team members. Michael has merged his lifelong passions of human psychology & social dynamics with digital marketing to drive results across hundreds of campaigns for our nonprofit partners. He now helps lead the Client Service team while still working directly with some of Community Boost's highest-impact partners.

8:45 AM PST

How To Inspire Giving Through Powerful Storytelling

It's the season of giving, but why should someone donate to your nonprofit?

The success of your year-end fundraising is dependent on how well you can capture someone’s attention and communicate your cause across your marketing channels.

In this workshop, we’ll be diving into how to inspire giving through the power of storytelling.

When you join this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify your story for Year-End fundraising appeals
  • The key ingredients to effective storytelling that moves people to action
  • How to integrate your storytelling cohesively across marketing channels

You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how you can tell better stories for your year-end campaign that get your audience invested in your cause.

Megan Elliott

Account Supervisor @ Community Boost

Megan Elliott is an Account Supervisor at Community Boost serving as a mentor to our Account Managers and strategist to dozens of their nonprofit partners. She also continues to work directly with some of our highest impact partners to drive continuous results month over month.

9:30 AM PST

Streamlining Your Year-End Campaign With Conversion Design

The year-end giving season is the biggest (and most wonderful) time of the year, with nearly ⅓ of all donations coming in throughout December.

During the year-end giving season, your nonprofit is driving thousands of visitors (and potential donors) to your website. 

But - are you capturing them? If your website isn’t designed to convert, you’ll end up missing out on thousands of donations.

Streamline your year-end campaigns by putting Conversion Design at the front and center when someone lands on your site. Join us as we go over how using Conversion Design as another touchpoint can ensure that visitors are moving down the marketing funnel and converting into donors. You'll learn:

  • What Conversion Design is and the benefits of implementing it during year-end campaigns
  • Different types of Conversion Design elements you can implement for year-end campaigns
  • Best practices to maximize your Conversion Design for year-end campaigns

Ashley Brannan

Senior (New) Channel Advancement Lead @ Community Boost

Ashley Brannan is the Senior Channel Development Lead and Supports the team in advancing our digital marketing strategies. She's the head of the Conversion Design team and works on all things CRO.


10:15 AM PST

Year-End Checklist For Search Ads

A sure fire way to maximize your year-end fundraising is by increasing site traffic to your donation page. Whether you’re running Ad Grant or paid ads in Google Ads or Microsoft Ads, join this session for a one-stop shop for all your year end-specific search strategies. 

During this session, Emily Fisher will be leading a hands-on approach to maximizing your search ads for year-end. You’ll discover the tools available to maximize your presence on the search engine results page during year-end. Learn about:

  • Customer match lists
  • Image extensions
  • Countdown ads
  • Seasonality adjustments

Emily Fisher

Google Ad Grants Area of Practice Manager @ Community Boost

Emily Fisher is the Google Ad Grants Area of Practice Manager at Community Boost. Seeing the full potential of the Google Ad Grant, Emily uses search ads to combine aspects of creativity and data analysis to help nonprofits further their goals.

11:00 AM PST

Don't Panic It's Organic: Develop An Automated Social Media Strategy That Generates Awareness and Builds Community During Year-End

4.62 billion people use social media every day and spend about 2.5 hours on it daily. The truth is, your potential audience is on social media and that is where they will build up the rapport to open your email, click on your ad, head to your website, become a supporter, and essentially donate during year-end! 

During this workshop, Maria Sadusky, Social Media Marketing Specialist at Community Boost will help you build a social media strategy that will generate awareness and success across all social platforms! During year-end, a successful year-end strategy looks like planning out campaigns for important dates, fundraising events, Giving Tuesday, and more. She will answer questions like:

  • What channels will you be using to generate awareness? 
  • How will you be tracking the success of these channels? 
  • Will you have a different approach for each channel?
  • How will you create content for the chosen channels? 

You will leave this workshop with a template to start planning and creating content for your year-end social media that will allow you to easily automate your strategy.  

Maria Sadusky

Social Media Marketing Specialist @ Community Boost

Over the last year, Maria has stepped into the role of social media specialist at Community Boost. She has launched a new social media strategy here at Community Boost and is excited to bring that strategy to your nonprofit to help expand your audience!

11:45 AM PST

Live Meta Ad Audit: Get Year-End Ready Hands On Insights

Running Meta ads for year-end is one of the biggest opportunities to drive more donations and acquire new donors this year-end. But, how do you know if your ads are driving the MOST donations possible? And how can you optimize your ads for a higher ROAS?

Dive into a Nonprofit Facebook/IG (Meta) Account live on screen and explore top issues, low-hanging fruits, and direct insights to adjust your Meta ads. Gain insights to prepare your ad account and strategy for Year-End Giving! You’ll learn:

  • Best practices for Meta Ads
  • A/B Testing to optimize for success
  • Hands-on insights to implement into your own Meta ads strategy!

Through this live demonstration, you'll come away with practical insights you can use to optimize your Meta ads and maximize your results.

Jalina Morgan

Facebook Ads Area of Practice Manager @ Community Boost

Jalina Morgan is the Facebook Ads Area of Practice Manager at Community Boost. She has worked with dozens of nonprofits during the last 2 years at Community Boost to help the target and convert more supporters on social media.


12:30 PM PST

Meta Ads Creative Workshop: Your Year-End Story in 3 Lines Or Less

Your organization has done amazing work all year long, it’s time to spread the word and convert your social audience into a new donor base! But, what ad creative drives the most results? Find out in this workshop, where you'll learn exactly how to create the most compelling ads that drive engagement (and donations) for your nonprofit. In this workshop you will learn: 

  • Meta ad creative best practices
  • Playing to your audience 
  • What makes year end different & how to make it urgent!

Chloe O'Rourke

Facebook Digital Specialist @ Community Boost

Chloe O'Rourke is a Facebook Digital Specialist at Community Boost specializing in increasing ROAS for Facebook and Instagram ads for nonprofit partners changing the world.

1:15 PM PST

Unlock The Power Of Peer-To-Peer Fundraising On Facebook This Giving Season

A recent survey found that American consumers were 3x more likely to donate to a charity because a friend asked them to than if they received an email from an organization.

This means that peer-to-peer fundraising is your biggest opportunity to acquire more donors and stand out during #GivingTuesday and year-end, especially when inboxes are flooded. 

And, with $5 Billion raised on Meta between 2014-2021, Meta Fundraisers are a great (and free) way to leverage your community to fundraise.

Join this workshop for a high-level, hands-on demonstration of how to set your organization up for year-end success with Facebook fundraisers. You’ll learn:

  • How to get your nonprofit set up to run a Facebook Fundraising peer-to-peer campaign
  • Easy ways to inspire and active your community to fundraise on Facebook
  • The new Facebook features you can use to maximize your fundraising 
  • Tips and tricks for running ads that link to your fundraising page & get 10-20x + ROAS 

You’ll walk away ready to get your Facebook Fundraiser running just in time to capitalize on #GivingTuesday and drive momentum for your year-end campaign!

Andrew Higdon

Associate Digital Specialist @ Community Boost

Andrew Higdon is an Associate Digital Specialist working on Meta Advertising. With a data-driven, results-oriented mindset, his focus is on lowering CPR and maximizing ROAS leading to long-term campaign success.

2:00 PM PST

Building Blocks For a Successful Year-End Email Marketing Campaign

Should you take the “everything but the kitchen sink” approach to year-end? The rinse and repeat? Or do you try something new? There are risk and rewards for all three! 

In this workshop, you’ll walk away with useable tactics to apply when developing your year-end email marketing campaign. We’ll focus on creative, targeting and cadence to create building blocks for success!

Join this workshop led by Alyssa Ackerman, Account Director at CCAH to learn how to:

  • Develop tactics for a scalable year-end campaign that can grow year-over-year.
  • Determine the right target audience, messaging, and cadence for your organization.
  • Understand the benefits of a unique year-end email marketing campaign.

You’ll walk away with a clear path to getting the best results from your email marketing initiatives this year-end!

Alyssa Ackerman

Account Director @ CCAH

Alyssa Ackerman is an Account Director for CCAH. Alyssa has extensive multichannel expertise managing fundraising programs to implement best practices and maximize return on investment in an ever-changing digital landscape.

2:45 PM PST

Happy Best Year: How To Harness Year-End Fundraising Success Into The Best Fundraising Year in History

When year-end fundraising ends, your biggest opportunity to boost 2023 fundraising begins.

With donor retention rates hovering around 45% - the average organization will lose 55% of your donors who just gave during year-end throughout 2023.

That is… unless you have a plan.

Join this session led by Cameron Ripley, CEO to learn exactly how you can plan the first 90 days of 2023 to invest in your donor relationships and make well-timed asks that are designed to keep your donors for the long term! You’ll learn:

  • How to create an effective donor thank you initiative that takes donor stewardship to the next levels
  • Ways you can segment and engage donors on a more personal level so they get invested in your cause.
  • Tactical fundraising tips to retain donors with targeted tasks and recurring giving upsells.

After this closing keynote session, your organization will be prepared to have your best fundraising year in history in 2023.

Cameron Ripley

CEO @ Community Boost

Cameron Ripley is the CEO of Community Boost, a digital marketing agency that helps forward thinking nonprofits accelerate and scale online revenue and impact.